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Price 120 sek, electricity 30 sek

Check-in from 15:00. Check out 12:00 If we have not agreed otherwise.


Call 0721-585 228 For booking or information on availability.

Alternatively email to or send PM on Facebook.


EL 220 V
Wi-Fi Access
Cold water for washing
Garbage sorting


Find Brygghuset

For GPS, the address is stated: Björnhyttan 21, Grängesberg

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2008 SVT (Swedish public service TV) “Sommartorpet” where the white Slag stone house on the farm was renovated under 10 episodes together with current owners Ia & Ridge. See a collection clip from the series här.

At Brygghuset in Björnhyttan there are four sites with electricity

The campsite are in all their simplicity placed on grass at the top of a lovely meadow adjacent to the forest with mighty larch that testifies to the Björnhytte of use during the 1800 century.

Björnhyttan is located in southern Dalarna and from the place you have access to many lakes, hiking trails and lots of cultural experiences.

The parking places offer electricity but not at present access to other amenities such as WC or shower. It is being planned for future seasons.

Guests also have access to the Brygghuset where you can take part in board games and visit information. The café is open during events as there is the opportunity to eat lunch or munch on the good pastries. See Brygghuset Café For more information.

Each set location has access to a 220volts socket. Warmly welcome and take part of the tranquility at the place Brygghuset in Björnhyttan.


It is possible to pay a place in cash and with cards in place, but also with Swish which can be handy if you arrive late and leave early. We will arrive at the best options when booking is made. To pay with swish use number 0739059495 alt. Scan the QR code with the Swish app.


Price: 120 SEK
Electricity: 30 SEK

The sites offer electricity but currently no access to other amenities such as WC or shower. It is under planning for coming seasons.

Guests also have access to the Brygghuset, where you can enjoy company games and visitor information. Cafét is open during events as there is the opportunity to have lunch or mumble on the good bakery.

Each site has access to a 220volts outlet. Warmly welcome and enjoy the tranquility at Ställplats Brygghuset in Björnhyttan.


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